Sunday, May 9, 2010


1.Responsible for gerneral business discount wedding prom dressesof discount wedding prom dressescompany,travel around to attend exhibitions and getting orders,search and visit factories,to look for new products and quotes,do the factory-audit. 2.Make out market research and factories assessments blog wedding dresses blog wedding dresses 20102010reports,products plan and suggestions for my customer's view and comments. Seek quotations and samples from factories and had a aluation ,inspection and comparison on both overall productivity and prices level the decide the best one. 3.Place orders with factories,follow up them till finished.During this courses,we may need visit factories regularly to investigate and solve problems,make sure the orders are finished correctly.
4.Arrange QC and shipment,getting the cheap polo shirtscheap polo shirts

whole set of documents and do payment settlement.Also others regular daily orders' after sales works and services. 5.Successfully managed many suppliers and coordinated them to deliver goods rightly and timely.Arrange each vassel member work and task,supervise them to finish them well,to join them together solve problems,to help them improve,hold meetings regularly to discuss them problems.All the orders had a perfect completed in very good time like samples,prices requiring,factory audition and shipment.
6.Make our each or entire work goal,and to motivate them to achieve it.Monthly make reports to feedback problems and hand in suggestion to general manager.Report Directly to: boss Number of Subordinate: 5 Reference: boss Achievements: Be achieved in this company on this position, finished 6 millions US dollars turnover. 1.Attending the lighting fair ,go out to look for customers and orders,meet customers in company and receiving orders(Ever been to Hongkong lighting fair,Canton fair,Shenzhen fair and Guzhen fair).
2.Introduce and talk about products in showroom,check the details and specifications,make quote,conclude deal and payment.Successfully developed customers like Genlite,Access, the past, my personal sales volume monthly amount to US$300000 within half of year.
3.Follow up orders,handle and settle the problems during orders production or when customers have claims,till satisfactory.Arrange QC and shipment.Visit customers when necessary.
4.Responsible for the company’s products show preparation,design and products choosing, and more than 70% of the products which I picked out received good comments from customers.Meantime give suggestions to R/D make out new products and new catalogue,to choose the marketing goods for catalogue and these products received a popularation from exceeding 80% of customers.
5.Responsible for the payment,after shipment we advise customers to pay us and then send out documents,also regularly make out unpaid and unshipped orders, timely push to be paid.Be conversant with L/C,T/T.Ever solved the payment crisis,finally negotiated to

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