Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Woods Tops Power List

What is power? In athletics, it is usually thought of as bulging muscles and dominating performance. But in sports today, power has a different meaning as well: the earning potential of athletes, owners, agents, communities and brands, ranging from breakfast cereal to beer.

Because so much money is at stake, the question for general managers and brand managers alike is, “Which athlete?”

There are dozens of potential candidates every year, some up-and-coming rookies, some fan favorites, and others bona fide superstars. Which player will guarantee the best chance for winning? Will they behave themselves off the field? Can I trust them to give 100 percent? The ability to choose the right athlete is the difference between millions of dollars and a metaphorical cleat in the face.

Preeminence of Tiger
Pre-Leave Ranking
Winning Record

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